President's Message


On behalf of the (ACET) Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas Executive Board welcome to the ACET website. The ACET Program Planning Committee is working purposefully and enthusiastically to plan a spring conference that will offer a wealth of information as we transition to the Every Student Succeeds Act. This semi-annual event has consistently brought together hundreds of State and Federal Program administrators who are committed to improving our schools and ensuring that our students are career and college ready. This year is no exception.
As in years past, ACET will be partnering with Mark Baxter, Cory Green and the TEA staff to distribute the in’s and out’s of the ESSA—what’s new, what’s different, what must change in our approach to delivering education to the 5.25 million students in the Texas public school system.
Each day we are afforded an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of Texas students through our role as educational leaders. Our passion for helping all students learn and assisting staff in their growth should be the driving motivational force in making our schools the best they can be, regardless of the obstacles or challenges we face.
ACET is committed to working side by side with you as you successfully serve the students of our state. Our organization provides valuable networking opportunities for those involved in supervising and administering State and Federal programs in their districts and schools. If you are interested in helping with a future conference, serving on a committee or assisting in any other way please let me know. (
Please mark your calendar and plan to be a part of this exciting event in Austin (in) April 19th, 20th and 21st.

Julie A. McGuire
ACET President