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    Welcome to ACET 

    Over the past 40+ years, the Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas has helped helped thousands of educators provide programs for educationally disadvantaged children in Texas. ACET is committed to insure that all children from Texas reach the pinnacle of success.

    News and Highlights (Updated 10-14-2019  9:10 pm)

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    Letter from the President

    Dear ACET Membership:
    Our upcoming 2019 fall conference, Acquire, Challenge, Encourage, and Triumph, will be at the Omni-Colonnade Hotel in San Antonio on October 22-24, 2019!   Be sure to watch the ACET website for upcoming information related to the conference!
    ACET members that attend will have the opportunity to hear first-hand information from TEA presentations as well as best practice sessions from fellow federal and state programs colleagues.
    This is the conference that provides the most up-to-date communication and guidance that we federal and state programs professionals need to effectively support our programs.
    We know that you will find this conference to be valuable and worthwhile!
    We look forward to seeing you in San Antonio!
    Vickie Ansley
    ACET President

    Letter from the Executive Director 

    Greetings ACET Members,

         I am excited about the Spring conference we just completed.  We had over 800 members present and this was one of the largest conferences we have had in many years.

         The conference theme for fall is ACET: Acquire, Challenge, Encourage, Triumph!  This theme fits perfectly with the direction that ACET is taking to move forward in many areas this coming year.

        We introduced a number of new things at the conference.  The conference app was well received and we are looking forward to moving toward a more paperless format as we continue to grow.  Our Social Media presence is also growing and we encourage all of you to “shout out” about ACET.  There are still program directors out there who do not understand the benefit of attending our conferences.  The information gained from the conference evaluations will be used to encourage us to make even more improvements to the fall and future conferences.

         As to the future, we are looking toward continuing the app, revitalizing our website and streamlining our registration process.  We hope to have many of the changes for registration in place for the fall conference.  Watch the home page for those updates.

         The Program Planning Committee will begin their planning for the fall in mid-June.  There will be calls for proposals and opening registration found on the website as the committee completes their preliminary work. Registration will likely open in mid-August.

        We hope to see you in San Antonio in October as we “Acquire knowledge; Challenge ourselves and the organization; Encourage each other and Triumph as we move forward.”

    Shirley Coleman
    Executive Director

    2019 Scholarship Awards:

    Congratulations to all of our 2019 Student and Adult Scholarship winners! The list of winners are posted here.





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