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2020 ACET Fall Virtual Conference

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President of ACET

Dear ACET Members,

On behalf of the Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas’s (ACET) Executive Council, I would like to welcome you to our newly updated website at and our 2020 virtual conference! Although we will miss being with you in person beautiful Los Colinas, as our conference theme states, we are “Moving Forward” and cannot wait see you virtually in October! Like you, we will miss the interactive sessions, the delectable hospitality hour appetizers, our fabulous vendor exhibit hall, and the opportunity to talk and share our common experience with colleagues. However, this virtual conference is designed to be engaging with multiple opportunities for participants to interact with presenters, colleagues, and vendors.

Our ACET Fall Conference will continue to provide a venue for Federal Program Directors, Special Education staff, Bilingual Directors, family engagement staff, Budget Directors, Teachers, Administrators, Evaluators, Education Service Center staff, and many others to learn and share best practices. As a result of ACET’s longstanding partnership with the Texas Education Agency, members will also learn about funding, current guidance, grant opportunities, reporting requirements and audit considerations directly from TEA staff.

As we are redefining our new normal, it is also an opportunity for us to grow in our profession and organization. Rather than focus on the challenges presented by the pandemic, ACET chooses to highlight the tremendous work each of you has done in your respective school districts and charter schools. Providing meals for families, critical funding to purchase cleaning supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE), providing devices to students and staff to ensure they can conduct work and school in a safe environment has ALL been because of ACET members like you! It has been through the funding, support, collaboration, and flexibility of numerous federal agencies, the TEA, and Education Service Centers that has allowed you as Federal Program professionals to move mountains quickly to meet the critical needs within your respective communities. To these agencies and all who contributed, “Thank You!”

We are all proud federal program professionals who work evenings and weekends to ensure business continues and services are rendered. That is why we at ACET volunteer our time and resources to provide an organization that is a resource and respite for federal program professionals. Our organization is comprised of accomplished and committed federal program professionals who volunteer their time to support Texas students, families and staff. Whether you are new or a veteran to federal programs, I would like to personally invite you to become more involved in ACET by serving on a committee. I am grateful that I did, as my ACET colleagues are the kindest and most knowledgeable leaders in our field throughout Texas.

I look forward to learning with you at the 2020 Fall ACET “Moving Forward” Conference! Thank you for all you do. Stay safe and healthy!

Warmest Regards,
Sharon Sanchez
ACET President

Shirley Coleman
(830) 399-0157

Letter from the Executive Director

Greeting Members of ACET:

     I hope that all of you have remained safe and healthy during these uncertain times.  It has been unsettling for all of us as we change the way the organization is functioning and how you are proceeding with the plans for the next school year.   It truly has been a learning opportunity for all of us.

     In April, we had to cancel our spring conference but were able to provide three presentations by Cory Green and his staff.  Over 1000 people signed up to attend each of these virtual trainings.  We were very pleased that we were able to facilitate these sessions.  The numbers provided us with data that told us members were able and willing to attend a virtual event.  That knowledge led us to our planning for the fall conference theme of  “Moving Forward.”

     As we begin planning for our October conference, we are “Moving Forward” with a virtual conference.  The conference will be held on October 27th , 28th  and 29th .  The program planning committee is working on the plans for this virtual conference.

     Soon you will be receiving information from the committee via Constant Contact and/or on the ACET website.  Please watch for that information.  You will receive information about times, agendas, registration, speakers etc.

     I am looking forward to working with you as we begin “Moving Forward” with the fall conference.


Shirley Coleman, Executive Director

Welcome To ACET

Over the past 40+ years, the Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas has helped thousands of educators provide programs for educationally disadvantaged children in Texas. ACET is committed to insure that all children from Texas reach the pinnacle of success.