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ACET Fall Virtual Conference

October 26-29

2020 ACET Fall Virtual Conference Registration


The ACET Fall 2020 Conference will be a virtual conference.

  • You will begin registration for the conference on this page.
  • It is best to use Netscape or Chrome for this process.
  • After you complete registration, you will be sent an email with instructions about how to access the conference presentations virtually.
  • ACET was required to adopt a terms and conditions for use and a privacy policy. You can access the new "Privacy Policy" by following this Link to the Privacy Policy

There are six steps to this registration process

  1. Click the "Begin Registration HERE" button at the bottom of this page.
  2. On the next page, Create a new user name and password above the "Register" button, Your password should be at least 12 characters and contain at least one capital letter, one number, and one special character.
  3. The next page shows registration for participants and registration for Exhibitors and Sponsors. Click the Registration for Participants Icon
  4. The next page already has registration for the 2020 ACET Fall Virtual Conference selected and a $300.00 charge showing. If you want to add the preconference, put a check in the checkbox. Click "Add to Cart"
  5. On the next page enter your name (member's name) and contact information on the left side of the page. On the right side of the page at the top, please enter information about your workplace. Choose your payment method and click the "Process Order" button.
  6. The next page displayed will contain information about your order at the top of the page. Print this page. You will then receive two emails. One of the emails will be your "ACET Invoice for Payment" to process your PO.

NOTICE:  You have the option to pay for registration by credit card. Please have your credit card ready to enter that information.