Serving State and Federal Program Administrators

About ACET

ACET is a state affiliate of the National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators (NAFEPA). NAFEPA provides leadership to educators across the nation in the areas of legislation and instruction. Over the past 29 years, the Association of Compensatory Educators of Texas has helped thousands of educators provide programs for educationally disadvantaged children in Texas. ACET is committed to insure that all children from Texas reach the pinnacle of success.


Each year ACET hosts fall and spring conferences. The conferences offer unique opportunities to meet with colleagues to discuss issues and share the most up-to-date information about successful programs for students in at-risk situations. Talking on-on-one with TEA consultants, receiving current state and federal updates on programs and funding availability, and networking with fellow ACET members who share the same concerns - that's what ACET is all about.


The Association for Compensatory Educators of Texas is dedicated to meeting the needs of students in at risk situations across the state of Texas. It is also committed to providing quality services that will empower educators to effectively meet these challenges. ACET proudly serves as a voice and strong advocate for improving the education opportunities for all students. 


*Stay current in state and federal legislation that impacts compensatory education.
*Disseminate information concerning programs and practices that will positively impact schools and students.
*Award college scholarships annually to students who were served in a compensatory program sometime during their school career.
*Award two college scholarships annually to paraprofessionals aspiring to become teachers.