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Past Conference Presentations

2019 Conference Presentations


2019 Spring Conference Presentations


ACET 2019 Spring Conference
April 18- 20, 2018
Omni Hotel San Antonio, Texas

Session #Session DescriptionSession PresenterFiles
1ACET General Session #1Mike Morath
2ACET General Session #2Didi Garcia2a, 2b
3Engaging Parents in Meaningful Family-School Partnerships: A Proven ModelPatty Bunker
4A Recipe For Success For Title II & PNP SchoolsKish Russell4a
5Reduce Parenting DropoutLucy Long, PhD
6ESSA and Equitable Services to Eligible Private Nonprofit SchoolsLaNetra Guess6a
7Got Data? Now What? Leading the CNA Development ProcessLesli Laughter7a
8TEA McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Program UpdatesCal Lopez8a
9Texas Equity Plans: Increasing Equitable Access to Excellent TeachersBrenda Garcia9a, 9b
10 & 19Wrap It Up & Let's Get Started!Dr. Jamie Bryson10a
11TEA's Competitive Review Process: Tips for Success!James Connolly11a
12 & 21Schedule PS3001-Needs Assessment, Priorities and Program Outcomes-Year 2 Expansion and MonitoringSusan Patterson
13English Learner Program Initiatives and UpdatesBarbara Kennedy
14Supporting Military Connected Students and Families in TexasAbby Rodriguez14a
15Instructional Leaders & Instructional Title I Budget DecisionsDeirdre Holloway15a
16Title I, Part A Linking Requirements to ResourcesAnita Villarreal16a
17An Overview of the Migrant Education Program Service Delivery PlanIdalia Ibanez
18Engaging Parents in Meaningful Family-School Partnerships: A Proven ModelPatty Bunker
19See Session #10
20Helping Homeless Students to SucceedTim Stahlke
21See Session #12
22Updates on the ESSA State Plan, Title III, Part ABarbara Kennedy
23ACET General Session #3 - ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant ApplicationAnnie Molina23a, 23b, 23c
24Title1.Tools - One Software System To Improve Student SucessChristopher Wirkkala
25"Your Attitude" ...The Secret to Your SuccessLawson Pilgrim
26Innovative Intervention: Capitalizing on Time & Technology to Meet Student NeedsRobyn Fender
27ACET General Session #4 - ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant ApplicationAnnie MolinaSee session #23
28Linguistically Responsive Teaching Methods For Underserved StudentsRobert Meyer
29A United Front: Engaging Students, Parents, and the Community in Digital LeadershipJessica Mays
30Wonder Woman, Come to My ClassroomBarbara Leland30a
31ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application Q & AAnnie Molina31a
32Title I, Part A ESSA Program Implementation Required ElementsAnita Villarreal32a
33The Federal/Special Programs, CFO Partnership - How Meaningful Collaboration, Conversation, and Planning Drive SCE/Federal Programs Compliance Processes and ProceduresJason Black33a
34My School Wrote Me A LetterKel Spradling
35High Quality Family Engagement: The Equity Issue of Our TimeChris Shade
36Effective Family Engagement: Working with Fathers & Families to Increase AchievementJ. Michael Hall
37State Accountability System UpdateHeather Smalley37a
38Title IV, Part A Student Support & Academic Enrichment ProgamDr. Mackie Spradley38a
39Federal Fiscal Monitoring UpdatesRoger Hingorani39a
40Yes We Can! Effective Parent and Family EngagementAnita Villarreal40a
41See Session #33
42State Compensatory Allotment 101Christine McCormick42a
43Make Compacts Great AgainChris Shade
44Does this work? School Mental/Behavioral Health & Trauma Informed Practices For Schools: Information and Focus GroupJulie Wayman
45Sate Accountability System Update (see session 37)Heather Smalley45a
46See session #38Dr. Mackie Spradley46a
47ACET General Session #5 - Doing what is right for students? Or just checking a box for compliance?Cory Green47-48, 47c
48ACET General Session #6 - Doing what is right for students? Or just checking a box for compliance? (cont.)Cory Green47-48, 48c (same as 47c)