2016 Fall Conference Presentations

ACET 2016 Fall Conference
October 20-21, 2016
Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas

Presentation materials for the Fall 2016 conference will be posted as we receive them.

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New Director Academy Files 

1. Budgeting Costs Guide Handbook
2. New Director Academy Session - Zip File (11 files)

Session Files

Session # Session Description Session Presenter Files
1 Title I Fiscal Requirements: Maintenance of Effort and Comparability Dina Black 1a
2a, 2b Best Practices in Action: School Climate Toni Garrett & David Thayer 2a2b
3 ESSA Feedback Title II Tim Regal/Mark Baxter 3a
4 Priority and Focus Schools Update Leticia Govea 4a
5 ESSA Updates: Foster Care Kelly Kravitz 5a
6 Comprehensive Needs Assessment Nerissa Erickson, Becky Book 6a
9 TEA School Improvements Updates (AKA Program Monitoring & Interventions (PMI)) Lizette Ridgeway 9a
10 Campus Improvement Plan Nerissa Erickson, Becky Book 10a
11 Handy Handbook for Effective Parental Involvement Terri Stafford and Skip Forsyth 11a, 11b
13 State Compensatory Education Review Vickie Ansley 13a 13b 13c 13d
14 Grant Management Meets Business Office Ray Wilks 14a, 14b, 14c, 14d, 14e, 14f, 14g, 14h, 14i, 14j, 14k, 14l, 14m, 14n, 14o, 14p 
15 Helping Homeless Students Succeed Tim Stahlke 15a
16 ESSA Implementation - Progress & Predictions for the New Administration Julia Martin 16a
17 TEA General Session: ESSA  Mark Baxter 17a
18 Decreasing the Achievement Gap with STEM Cindy Moss 18
19 TEA Grants and Federal Regulations Update Cory Green 19a